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February 17, 2010
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This picture is of a Cedar Tree recently viewed by our Certified Arborist, Damien Carre’.

This tree unfortunately became uprooted due to major decay in the root system and trunk of the tree.

Cedar Tree Uprooted

Cedar Tree Uprooted in PNW

How did this happen? There are several explanations for the causes of tree uprooting. Many of the explanations can be prevented by proper tree care that starts with the intial planting.

The proper procedures for planting range from the best time of year, condition of the juvenille tree, best location for planting, environmental conditions and most importantly, the specific instructions for the type of tree to be planted: depth and width of initial hole, watering needs, etc.

Our weather in the Pacific Northwest affects the tree system even more – our wet Fall and Winter seasons coupled with the strong winds can cause this situation. Again, proper planting, care and maintenance of a tree can prevent this hazard.

Stay tuned for future information on following the proper planting techniques to ensure a healthy and safe tree.

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