Our industry creates a unique situation when it comes to pricing a project; it is a very subjective process due to the multiple variables faced at each location.

Oregon Tree Care takes the pricing process very seriously as we strive to stay competitive in the marketplace while being careful not to undermine the importance and complexity of the work being completed.

Our Certified Arborist approaches each estimate methodically by assessing several factors upon arriving at the potential job site. To help our clients understand the process better, the following is a basic process to determining the estimate pricing.

The following two factors have the most affect on the cost measurements.

  • Location of the tree(s). There are mutiple factors of a location that can affect the pricing such as the actual placement, nearby structures, nearby utilities, a reasonable target zone beneath the tree, any other hazards affecting access. Also, consideration is made to the amount of time the crew requires to haul debris from the tree to the equipment (i.e. chipper, etc.) – longer distance requires more man hours simply to get the debris from the tree location to the front of the house where the equipment is located.
  • Size of the tree(s). Essentially, the larger the tree the larger the scope of work. The size is also an indicator as to the equipment the tree climber will be required to use because of the diameter of the branches.

Other factors that will affect the cost measurements:

  • Specific tree service requested. Depending on the complexity of the service, more time must be allotted to complete the task.
  • Need for heavy equipment. If a situation requires heavy equipment (i.e. bucket lift, etc.), this will affect the price. We coordinate with a third party vendor to bill direct for the additional expense – we do not upcharge for this expense.
  • Specific utility hazards. We are required to abide by specific utility rules. In the event a tree is located within 3′ of a high voltage utility, the utility company must first come and prune back to a safe distance. After this step is completed, we will finish the project.

Additionally, we calculate the rate based on the general scope of work. A tree pruning project will be determined at an hourly rate – thus, how long it will take to complete the project. For a tree removal, this is generally determined at a project rate – as this type of work requires tremendous technical ability and thus is nothing to be rushed to fit within a specified timeframe. If a location has multiple projects to be completed, we will weigh the difference between the hourly versus project rate and give our client the best pricing.

It is very important to consider the professional expense related to a proper tree care company. We are a licensed, bonded and insured (liability and workers’ compensation) company. There are times where we may not be the cheapest company providing an estimate; however, we can guarantee that we will be the most professional and among the most affordable who does provide the full coverage of a professional tree care company.

This is a “buyer beware” industry. Please always confirm the legitimacy, licensing and insurance status of any contractor you choose to hire. If you elect to hire a company without all these coverages, you are placing excessive liability on yourself for potential damage, injury, etc. Not to mention the potential long term damage to your trees and landscape.