Paul Bunyan – 31 Feet of Distinction

April 1, 2010
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If you haven’t travelled the North Portland area much, you are missing out on some amazing and unique scenary. One such item was recently named to the National Registry of Historic Places – a registry including such places like Timberline Lodge.

Our Paul Bunyan status was built in 1959 to greet visitors to the Oregon Centennial Exposition.

If you have not been by to visit Paul, take an afternoon and explore one of Portland’s eclectic icons.

Location: N Interstate and N Willis Blvd 

Articles About Paul Bunyan

North Portland’s Paul Bunyan is Officially Historic –  By Joe Brugger, The Oregonian February 09, 2009

Paul Bunyan Statue, Portland

Paul Bunyan – Wikipedia always has insightful information

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