Path Less Traveled – Not Always The Best Choice

February 24, 2010
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This story was just showcased on a local Portland news channel.

Forest Park is widely known as an urban oasis within the City of Portland. It provides an amazing local outdoor activity for walkers, hikers, runners and cyclists. In turn, this Park also offers a sanctuary of protected land to allow for urban habitats. Unfortunately, there are some rogue vandals who cannot appreciate the existing nature enough to respect the trails created so that this oasis can be preserved for generations to come.

The frustration really comes into play when we have individuals working hard each day to maintain the appeal of the Pacific Northwest; especially within the urban boundaries. The fact that we have miles and miles of trails very closeby that allow for a “more extreme” experience – there is just no need to disrespect nature with the spoils we have out our front doors.

Here is a link to the newstory educating the public about how this choice will negatively impact the vegetation, tree/plant growth and erosion for this area. Newstory found on

Sometimes, it is just best to follow the path most traveled.

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